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Clinical, Pathological, Immunohistochemical and Ultrastructural Observations on Enzootic Nasal Adenocarcinoma in Five Goats.
In 2015, a Wyoming woman aged 77 years died from infection with a rabies virus variant enzootic to the silver-haired bat.
JEV is closely related to WNV and is maintained in an enzootic cycle involving aquatic birds and primarily Culex species mosquitoes.
Comparison of enzootic risk measures for predicting West Nile disease, Los Angeles, California, USA, 2004-2010.
Carcinogenicity of the fern Pteridium aquilinum collected from enzootic bovine haematuria free-hilly in India.
The natural enzootic pathogenic fungi isolated were Isaria fumosorosea Wize, Paecilomyces lilacinus Thom (Samson), and Lecanicillium, Fusarium, and Aspergillus species.
The level of biological safety and vaccinations is excellent in major farms but it declines in small and new farms which enables the virus to become enzootic there," he explained.
Enzootic diseases are conditions affecting animals of a specific geographic area.
Following the EU's decision in July to grant Britain enzootic bovine leukosis-free status, the requirement to segregate cows at shows in accordance with the old cattle health scheme rules is no longer applicable.
Samples of urinary bladder from two cattle affected by enzootic haematuria were studied, previous pathological and clinical diagnosis, by high resolution light microscopy and electron microscopy.
In recent years, however, infected cattle have been shipped from these enzootic areas to feedlots in the High Plains and Midwestern states.
Nor, for that matter, are they revamping corporate strategy to accommodate new rules on electro-medical implantable, non-automatic weighing machines, tire pressure gauges, protection of hotels against fire, lawn-mower noise, swine vesicular disease, boar meat, enzootic bovine leukosis, or brucellosis in small ruminants.