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He suggests that stop epenthesis involves spreading the oral-cavity node from the nasal to the following obstruent, making the obstruent into a contour segment (which allows for the phonetic differences between epenthetic and underlying stops).
In English (as well as in Modern Standard German), the default is schwa epenthesis.
pa] in the tableau in (48) because, as I noted above, the constraint militating against epenthesis, namely DEP-V, is undominated.
Epenthesis to break sC-sequences is contrary to NSE norms, but this is not regarded as a source of intelligibility problems.
Note, however, that the -e- in the words seli, setu, sete, seli, seli/selja possibly resulted from the same phonological process, namely a so-called epenthesis (which is found in many areas where Dardic and West Pahari is spoken; it is discussed below in section 13).
Additionally, the cases in which epenthesis was added were briefly analyzed.
But in order to prove his sensible assumptions Loporcaro has to review a disproportionate number of rules--nasal assimilation, mid-vowel tensing, intervocalic /s/-voicing, vowel epenthesis in Algares, a > e in Romanesco and in Friulian, vowel epenthesis and vowel harmony in Emilian.
Non-obvious transfer: On predicting epenthesis errors".
We do find instances illustrating what Lanham calls "ungrammatical, illogical, or unusual uses of language," but Poe uses many of these deliberately as devices of comedy--often verbal comedy: antistoecon, barbarismus, bomphiologia, epenthesis, metathesis, prosonomasia, and puns (indeed, most of these can be found in the playful tales included in David Galloway's The Other Poe).
Strictly, epenthesis is a form of intrusion, occurring medially.
LINK complementizer link COP copula DIM diminutive EP epenthesis EXCLUS exclusive F female GEN genitive IMP imperfect tense IMPER imperative INDEF indefinite LIT literally M male NEG negative OBL oblique OM object marker PAST past stem PP past participle PL plural PRES present stem PRO.
List of Abbreviations 1 1st person 2 2nd person 3 3rd person COMP comparative EP epenthesis GEN genitive IMP imperfect tense INDEF indefinite NEG negative OM object marker PAST past tense PL plural PRES present REST restrictive SG singular SUB subjunctive