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When he has a majority, he will take the Court as far as it is willing to go, restrained only by how much he worries about losing the majority if he gets too epexegetic.
19) The word substantiae may be epexegetic here, and the word homoousios merely a tendentious gloss upon it in the pamphlet;(20) but if this is so, it indicates that simple interpolation was not Rufinus' practice, even where he might have hoped to escape detection.
I wonder why he did not propose the simple solution of making the same change in our passage: Cassiepia would then be described as 'curving' towards her own punishment, which was the exposure of her daughter Andromeda to a sea-monster (Pristis); the -que after iuxta is in effect epexegetic ('poenae suae dicuntur quas pro matre pendit filia, siue ipsa filia matris uicem beluae obiecta', Housman).
as well as an epexegetic question, as my translation suggests.