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In the Web services context, one issue to consider is that decisions will increasingly be made on the basis of ephemeral maps created online, making it difficult to document the basis for decisions.
They are particularly damaging when Christian civic leaders sacrifice the unity of faith and sanction the disintegration of reason and the principles of natural ethics, by yielding to ephemeral social trends and the spurious demands of opinion polls.
In New England, there exists a wide range of ephemerals, many of which grow in quiet woodlands off the beaten path.
Her denouement represents a total embrace of the ephemeral, expressed in her ultimate desire to "look good" for a fleeting moment, be it the duration of a photo-flash or a gun shot.
In Orjan Andersson's Come Out, four girls leap and languish, ephemeral as youth in fast, unison movement driven by Steve Reich's unstoppable beat.
Superb hardstone tables, vases, and cabinets vie with precious metalwork, porcelains, tapestries, and the scattered remains of elaborate ephemeral theatrical displays.
When so much is in flux, when limitless amounts of information, much of it ephemeral, are instantly accessible, there is renewed hunger for that which endures and gives meaning," she said.
He reminded Catholics that Vatican II denounced "vain credulity" as well as "sterile and ephemeral sentimentality" in Marian devotion, and advised that devotion to Mary be marked by attention to scripture and church teaching rather than "the exaggerated search for novelties or extraordinary phenomena.
Recalling his previous short Linda Joy (1985), a film that explores with breath-taking economy matters of life and death, this is a story, composed entirely of a single graceful shot, evokes the relationship--in life and in art--between the ephemeral and the permanent.
An exhaustive chapter on ephemeral data follows, which features charts on Nautical and Air Almanac tabulations and calculations and interpolations--actually, so much could be written about this dictionary/encyclopaedia/working reference manual that brevity of summation is virtually impossible.
Mason is an unhurried, moving story about a man named John King, who is saddled with so much baggage that his attempts to live a normal life and maintain even the most perfunctory relationships are ephemeral.
The creative process itself remains elusively ephemeral.