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Trying to collect, record, and preserve the history of ephemeral works of art can be hard but these unique works of art are worth the effort.
Installation of an ephemeral ice rink on the Alles de la Libert in Cannes The ice rink will be delivered with a floor and will include a reception structure.
Living in a fleeting moment of a week or two, which is the life span of most butterfly species, they come into view, in a sunny garden sucking the nectar off the blooming flowers, then vanish, these ephemeral creatures, never to be seen again.
Keywords: one round, key exchange, forward secrecy, ephemeral key reveal
Vaporstream provides secure, ephemeral and compliant mobile messaging for the enterprise.
Because these ephemeral streams represent, for aquatic organisms, a small patch of habitat within an otherwise hostile environment, island biogeographic theories (MacArthur and Wilson, 1967) should apply.
In the course of this survey, observations were recorded in two adjacent drying ephemeral pools.
As a result, previously unprotected ephemeral streams and headwaters that are prone to destruction by mining and excavating practices could come under federal protection through permits.
Bovine ephemeral fever is caused by a single-stranded RNA, ether-sensitive rhabdovirus with five structural proteins.
With a strong focus on an interactive user experience, Wisper app is evolving into a greater extension of ephemeral messaging and photo sharing apps that users have been accustomed to thus far.
Art and history scholars from the US and Latin America present revised and expanded versions of their papers, which detail indigenous dance festivals, their costumes, and accoutrements in early colonial Mexico City; mourning rites, processions, and the funerary monument for the death of King Philip IV; the ephemeral facade designed to celebrate Charles IV's proclamation ceremony in Mexico; the celebrations and art in honor of Saint Joseph in the city of Puebla and their relationship to local politics; ephemeral structures and related public art works in Mexico City under the direction of the Royal Academy of Art of San Carlos; the New World butaca chair; women's fashion in colonial Buenos Aires; and colonial images of Ecuador.
This beautiful spring ephemeral is also very fragrant.