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The dead wall was therefore a paradigmatic site of ephemerality and inscription in the late Georgian and Victorian city, the place at which the tide of commerce, including print culture and writing itself, washed up against the shores of obsolescence and loss.
He said ephemerality works to focus on the feeling that content brings to the user, not what it looks like, and bring more realistic conversations on Snapchat, the way that people actually communicate with each other in real life.
We show how PARK(ing) engages with the tension between ephemerality and endurance.
Book history tends to frame the question of ephemera in terms of the centrality of books surrounded by concentric circles of relative ephemerality radiating out into the oblivion or deep space of the truly disposable text, what might be termed 'absolute' ephemerality.
To assert its ephemerality is halfway to making the whole thing go away.
This brief but luminous reverie, one of Des Forets's first works following an eighteen-year literary silence, takes up one of the author's perennial subjects: the simultaneous inadequacy and necessity of language in facing the ephemerality of existence and the inevitability of mortality.
A sub-theme also explores the relationship between permanence and ephemerality, in music, landscape and culture.
While his lecture is grounded in the materiality of the house and its surrounds, Wells is sensitive to the 'felt ephemerality of our lives'; as the physical location of Sargeson's house is subject to alteration, so the 'fragile ecosystem of memory' is likewise endangered (pp.
The physical and symbolic ephemerality of the flags seemed the perfect enclosure to reinforce the transitory symbolism of Sukkot.
Marie's decline and fall--from fame, success, money--to becoming an unemployed nonentity is less engaging, although there is definitely a message in this story about the ephemerality of success and celebrity status.
These holograms were made in 1995/6 by Julian Fischer of Holovision in Munich to match Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek's (the Museum curator's) vision about the paradox of capturing the ephemerality of history in a fixed, rigid display (see HN Vol 18 No 4).
Many of the works they produced in this decade are formally parallel to each other, employing devices such as hanging, seriality, transparency, fragility, and ephemerality.