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Ephemerality and indiscernibility only make their effects felt in the context of concrete perceptual and institutional frameworks, specific horizons of expectation.
The tension between video's ephemerality and the materiality of its painted or drawn source characterizes the show's hinging-point and is particularly evident in the work of Jacco Olivier, Berni Searle, and Ezra Johnson, which has been installed together in a circular open plan.
Indeed, if so much of the discourse around performance and dance has until recently largely revolved around or debated terms including ephemerality, presence, and immediacy, Porter's show quite deliberately turned away from them.
Gaponenko does not explicitly identify the tensions--between the personal and the political, life and death, inelegance and dignity, ephemerality and timelessness--underlying these ironies.
As Benjamin mentioned, "Allegory exists most firmly at the point where ephemerality and eternity collide with each other most closely.
Illustrating the various ways in which such a theatrical "arch" consists of both the materiality of stage performance and the ephemerality of playbills, Russell demonstrates that "print culture" and "theatricality are profoundly imbricated" in the overall history of the Romantic era stage and its strong relation to sociopolitical forces swirling both within and without the theater.
Romney's announcement last month that he was weighing a third run roiled an already-crowded Republican race, but it had an air of wistfulness and ephemerality from the start.
A mobile messenger, Tappy, puts a new face on text messaging by using images and ephemerality.
Exploring traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, the ephemerality of nature, and the Art Nouveau movement, mischer'traxler has captured the very essence of Perrier-Jouet with its own unique interpretation.
It was also, by most accounts, amazing, at once capturing and crystallizing a wide and diverse range of sensibilities then floating in the air in a way that felt so perfect, so right--these ranging from a wistful poetic ephemerality, the reclamation of quotidian detritus, an indexing of a plural body, and, perhaps most important, a dreamy nomadism and sprawling, ethereal post-national placelessness.
Within the Japanese tradition and in Borson's Japanese-inspired collection, autumn comes to symbolize the ephemerality of life and how quickly life passes.