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Many of these spring ephemerals are perfect for woodland gardens, but please refrain from collecting them from the wild.
Mississippi still has an array of public and private lands where spring ephemerals flourish.
This beautiful spring ephemeral is also very fragrant.
Since ephemerals bloom early and fade out by late spring (May and June), they are often missed by those of us who don't begin gardening or spending time outdoors until the snow has melted and the warm weather arrives.
In New England, there exists a wide range of ephemerals, many of which grow in quiet woodlands off the beaten path.
A perfect place to see a wide variety of ephemerals, including endangered ones, is close by - at Garden in the Woods in Framingham.
19) employed a composite topographic index (CII), he product of upstream contributing area, slope, and planform curvature, as an index of the erosive power of concentrated flow to predict where ephemeral gullies occur in the landscape.
The objectives of this research were three-fold: 1) identify the pattern of ephemeral erosion and measure channel voidage occurring across small watersheds in three contrasting soilscapes of southeast Minnesota; 2) determine how soil properties are related to topographic parameters and examine the relationship between either soil properties or topographic parameters with ephemeral gully erosion; and 3) test the following hypothesi--ephemeral gully erosion may be modeled simply as a process in which topsoil is removed from an area immediately adjacent to recurrent channels and deposited at low lying positions.
Toss though you may, journalism is no longer ephemeral.
In only takes a few seconds to find that the Times used the word ephemeral 731 times since 1980, but has used ephemerA only 186 times, a fact thet probably won't escape the attention of the equal-ephemera militants.