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But, in any case, his inner circle of officers were vulnerable to any suspicion of foul play, and they would have had reason to produce a record that demonstrated that nature had taken its own doleful course, though it has to be added that the Ephemerides offers something more like a court circular than a medical case history.
In real-world conditions of urban canyons and dense foliage, where the GPS receiver is usually moving, it can often take several minutes to obtain all the ephemerides the receiver needs to perform its calculations and obtain a fix, resulting in a long period with a great deal of location uncertainty before navigation can begin.
It is also necessary to safeguard the ephemerides used together with the star tracker attitude data to resolve the required pointing for safe mode.
Jeremie Vaubaillon, of The Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des Ephemerides in France, noted that: "So far, given the observations, we estimate a ZHR (zenithal hourly rate) of 100/hr to 400/hr, which is an excellent outburst
The SDC FOC system converts disparate operator data to a common "normalized" format and performs integrity checks on contributed ephemerides, making the information more reliable.
The solar events that can affect satellite ephemerides and thus ground positions are primarily geomagnetic and solar radiation storms.
He also describes, though often in less detail, 218 almanacs, ephemerides, and lumarios published in the Americas during the same period.
Nance's source, the over twenty volumes of the Ephemerides morborum (Diaries of Disease) written between 1603-53, is indeed remarkable.
Ephemerides du departemente de la Charente-Inferieure (La Rochelle, 1793).
He is of the opinion that divination provided the primary motivation for astronomy in Babylon, although he does suggest that eventually the study of astronomy may have come to take on a life of its own through a purely scientific interest on the part of the Babylonian astronomers, writing that "the complexity and diversity of the ephemerides goes far beyond what is necessary to predict ominous phenomena .
Procurement of supplies, small equipment and the provision of supplies, small equipment and desk accessories, calendars, ephemerides, calendars, stamps and daters beneficiaries of the public purchase of the Oise Picardie station.