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IGS also presents some other standardized products such as satellite and station clocks, ionospheric and tropospheric parameters, besides satellite ephemerides.
The BAA Handbook gives ephemerides of the Sun, Moon, planets, double stars, and periodic comets for the entire year; predictions for Jupiter's satellites and for lunar occultations; a detailed diary of meteor showers; and more.
Regarding Donne's unusual awareness of precise astronomical data, the September 1599 journey might well have allowed time enough for Origanus' Ephemerides to reach London and, simply as a new book on a stationer's stall, catch the witty lover's eye.
ephemerides apparent magnitude elongation to Sun Moon) of given object(b) Provide information of sky coverage by SSA-NEO-related surveys to the MPC(c) Display position of a given object in a star chart(d) Integration of the new NEO population model NEOPOP into the NEOCC providing access for downloading the tool.
When calculating the ephemerides we have assigned weightings of 1 to visual minima; 2 to photographic minima and 10 to CCD and pe minima.
Comparing the times of the extinctions to JPL ephemerides of the Jovian system, we "invert" our photometric light curves into a physical representation of the extinction.
Jeremie Vaubaillon, of The Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des Ephemerides in France, noted that: "So far, given the observations, we estimate a ZHR (zenithal hourly rate) of 100/hr to 400/hr, which is an excellent outburst
The solar events that can affect satellite ephemerides and thus ground positions are primarily geomagnetic and solar radiation storms.
He also describes, though often in less detail, 218 almanacs, ephemerides, and lumarios published in the Americas during the same period.
Estudio historico-teologico del cristianismo antioqueno en el siglo III, Insitutum Patristicum Augustinianum (<<Studia Ephemerides Augustinianum>>, 87), Roma 2004, 498 pp.
Nance's source, the over twenty volumes of the Ephemerides morborum (Diaries of Disease) written between 1603-53, is indeed remarkable.