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Using these cycle numbers, a weighted linear fit to the times of all 13 eclipses gives the following heliocentric ephemeris for the time of minimum:
0 industry standard, it is unique in its ability to also generate its own GPS assistance data, whether from previously received SUPL assistance, actual broadcast ephemeris or from lightweight GPS constellation model data received from a remote GPStream server.
The basic function of the receiver software is to measure the time differences between the individual GPS satellites and the user's local UTC time scale once per second, and to store the measurement results and other information collected from the GPS ephemeris in a CGGTTS compatible data file (Fig.
Herschel's ephemeris position at its 2027 return was now known to an accuracy of about 2[degrees], ensuring that it should be relatively easy to locate once more.
P](t) is the spin-down corrected phase of the pulsar at time (t) derived from ephemeris, [T.
Consequently, SES contacted the third-party operator directly to request exact transponder configuration, beam/footprint configuration and its latest non-TLE ephemeris information.
The six patents that SiRF was found to infringe are United States patents 6,417,801; 6,937,187; 6,606,346; 7,158,080; 6,704,651; and 6,651,000 -- relating to extended ephemeris assistance (Long Term Orbits), calculating time in GPS receivers, enhancing sensitivity in assisted GPS systems, and implementing hardware structures for parallel correlation.
The post September 11 terrorism event resulted in initially highly restricted access to the satellite orbit ephemeris data.
Before the experiment, she claimed: "It is obvious that elements of the comet's orbit, and the ephemeris - a table which lists the positions of celestial bodies - will change after the explosion.
It is obvious that elements of the comet's orbit, and correspondingly the ephemeris, will change after the explosion.
The medieval visions of the Trojan war depend on three major Latin texts of Roman provenance: Epitome Iliadus Homericae by Pindarus Thebanus, Ephemeris Belli Trojani by Dictys Cretensis and De Excidio Troiae by Dares Phrygius.
87) Operated twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by Air Force Space Command, the MCS calculates ephemeris orbital and clock data and uploads this data to each satellite in the GPS constellation.