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Bemerkungen zur Ephemeris belli Troiani des Diktys von Kreta.
10 was used and the data transmitted by the IGS: broadcast ephemeris, raw observations from the station MARS and IGS03 (GPS/GLONASS) corrections stream were utilized.
NB: Since I had previously successfully tested Guide against the NASA/JPL HORIZONS data, I saw no need to generate and compare an ephemeris to Guide for this observation attempt.
O original grego seria, pois, um "ludus" literario, composto por alturas da segunda metade do seculo II, posterior a Ephemeris de Dictis, cuja existencia e pressuposta por Darete.
p](t)) where Pp(t) is the spin-down corrected period of the pulsar at time (t) derived from the ephemeris.
The Ephemeris is not a book that will appeal to everyone's tastes, but has masterful artistic and literary qualities and will provide rich entertainment for readers who understand the references to classical and romantic literary eras.
Consequently, SES contacted the third-party operator directly to request exact transponder configuration, beam/footprint configuration and its latest non-TLE ephemeris information.
A major part of this involves verifying operation of the complete system using realistic ephemeris test data or satellite orbit models.
Before the experiment, she claimed: "It is obvious that elements of the comet's orbit, and the ephemeris - a table which lists the positions of celestial bodies - will change after the explosion.
It is obvious that elements of the comet's orbit, and correspondingly the ephemeris, will change after the explosion.
delta] is found by interpolation in the Ephemeris with GMT(UT) as time argument, where
Send to the address given marked EPHEMERIS or phone 0640 801 839.