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Damage in the sparsely populated epicentral area was modest, limited to cracked or fallen un-reinforced masonry walls; however, eleven landslides were attributed to the earthquake.
25 magnitude earthquake event at an epicentral distance of approximately 250 kilometers.
Epicentral ring settlement: Report of the spring 2000 field season at Caracol, Belize.
Damage was extensive to residential and commercial buildings and lifelines in the epicentral region.
seismicity rates in terms of epicentral intensity ([I.
Authors have developed a method to compute this acceleration based on model already established by them (1999); which has been used to demarcate "yes" and "no" zones of liquefaction in terms of earthquake magnitude, standard penetration values, initial overburden stress on level ground and epicentral distance.
Loten and Christopher Jones on the architectural development of epicentral Tikal, and William Haviland, Robert Fry and Marshall Becker on aspects of community patterning, social organisation and demography.
But when the shaking and rolling on June 28 subsided with little damage outside the epicentral region, it soon became evident that the "Big One" had not arrived.
In the epicentral region of Nantou county, where a large portion of the reported 6,000 complete building collapses occurred, the team observed heavy damage suggesting that local ground shaking intensities ranged from X to XI on the Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) scale.
The Vasilikos explosion and the downgrades may have caused concerns among foreign bank customers, Spyros Episkopou, an ex-banker and CEO of Epicentral Consultancy Ltd.
To evaluate the accuracy of the solutions obtained and analyze possible changes in epicentral coordinates and focal depths calculations were carried systematically varying and the values of Vp/Vs and the velocity models.
It is clear that an earthquake of magnitude 6 in Richter scale and epicentral distance grater than 160 km may cause no major damage in any type of the structures present within the study area.