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The schoolgirls killed were in Takhar province to the west of the epicentre.
The epicentre was just outside the centre of Dudley and the quake was felt over an area of 260,000 sq km.
For information about the EpiCentre LED displays or similar signage, contact SNA at 800.
Villebrun said Samanani was originally a Health Canada employee but he left his position to become director of the EpiCentre.
Phone lines were down in the country, making confirmation of damage difficult, especially further south toward the epicentre.
There is a possibility of a local tsunami that could affect coasts located usually no more than a hundred kilometers from the earthquake epicentre," it warned.
Dale Rutstein of Unicef China said he had only been able to get limited reports from the epicentre of the disaster in densely populated Sichuan Province.
Scientists at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh said that the epicentre was three miles north of Aviemore.
In addition to Nextera, Epicentre is a leading supplier of specialty enzymes and kits that are beneficial to Illumina's technologies.
6 magnitude tremor with the epicentre in Kodari and a 6.
2 while its depth was 44 kilo meters and epicentre of this quake was Pak-Afghan-Tajikistan border.
The Hunger Project Malawi (THP-Mw) has inaugurated the multi-million kwacha Kachindamoto Epicentre in Dedza as part of its campaign against hunger, poverty and diseases among rural poor Malawians.