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Since lateral epicondylitis was first described, researchers have proposed a wide variety of treatments as initial interventions including rest, activity, equipment modification, NSAIDs, wrist bracing/elbow straps, and physical therapy.
Low-dose extracorporeal shock wave therapy for previously untreated lateral epicondylitis.
Lateral epicondylitis in general practice: course and prognostic indicators of outcome.
We found that, in the short-term, structured patient education is less effective, than multimodal care or corticosteroid injection for the management of persistent lateral epicondylitis.
32) Gosens and coworkers compared the effectiveness of PRP compared with corticosteroid injections in patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis.
Lateral epicondylitis and beyond: imaging of lateral elbow pain with clinical-radiologic correlation.
Sims and colleagues published a meta-analysis evaluating nonsurgical treatments for lateral epicondylitis.
3) Cervical radiculopathy, brachial plexopathy, neuropathy, rotator cuff tendonitis, adhesive capsulitis, epicondylitis, post-mastectomy syndrome, swelling, and bone metastases are among the common disorders responsible for upper-extremity pain in breast cancer patients.
Medically known as medial epicondylitis, it causes pain over the bony lump on the inside of the elbow.
May be this is the first step towards putting my career back on track," said the Englishman who is battling a nagging golfer's elbow or medial epicondylitis.