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You talk etymology and not morality; I say that we modern Epicureans are indifferent citizens.
Like Epicurus, my friend, still like Epicurus; I repeat, we are Epicureans, and that is very amusing.
The Epicureans did not perceive that the head of the school had left them; the violins continued playing all night long.
This he unpacked with the help of a youth whom he had brought with him, and presently, to my very great astonishment, a quite epicurean little cold supper began to be laid out upon our humble lodging-house mahogany.
That is why I at once agreed to make him a costume - whether to agree with those of the Epicureans, or an original one.
Indeed, if by virtue these writers mean the exercise of those cardinal virtues, which like good housewives stay at home, and mind only the business of their own family, I shall very readily concede the point; for so surely do all these contribute and lead to happiness, that I could almost wish, in violation of all the antient and modern sages, to call them rather by the name of wisdom, than by that of virtue; for, with regard to this life, no system, I conceive, was ever wiser than that of the antient Epicureans, who held this wisdom to constitute the chief good; nor foolisher than that of their opposites, those modern epicures, who place all felicity in the abundant gratification of every sensual appetite.
Sunshine Coast specialised food producer Epicurean Products is set to become an advanced manufacturer and improve efficiency thanks to a half-million-dollar Palaszczuk Government grant.
The Seventh Annual Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy recently took place in Athens, Greece.
My chosen cosmopolitan cocktail was classy and perfectly blended, setting me up perfectly for our meal in one of the ship's finer restaurants, The Epicurean.
the lobby epicurean The cigar industry is still booming, with J C Newman Cigars producing up to 12 million a year, but now hops, barley and yeast are slowly replacing tobacco as the city's source of gold.
need to know | SAM WYLIE-HARRIS was a guest of British Airways Holidays, which offers four nights at the Epicurean, with direct flights in economy from London Gatwick to Tampa Bay for PS938.