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I employ this interpretation of complexity, with its methodological imperatives, to appraise the epidemiologic research in which the Andersen model has been tested to explain home care utilization.
purchase and installation of equipment for the health unit and environment, epidemiologic research and creation of biobank, faculty of sciences, university of beira interior health.
The authors note that cultural differences can affect multiple aspects of epidemiologic research and should be respectfully addressed.
In Canada, his epidemiologic research in a wide range of topics--including the control of hospital infections, manpower studies, and his pioneering work in analyzing the Physicians Services Incorporated medical insurance records--are landmarks in health and health care research.
He emphasizes that epidemiologic research suggests that most addicts quit because of financial and family concerns as they mature out of it (p.
But the department changed leadership and there was no money to pursue research and initiatives in primary care, so they followed the money and focused on epidemiologic research .
The researcher added: "Further epidemiologic research is clearly needed.
Other topics include the sampling and analysis of atmospheric persistent organic pollutants over the ocean, spatiotemporal air pollution modeling and prediction in epidemiologic research, chemical characterization of airborne particles in Greece, and numerical solution of some pollution problems.
Adolfo Correa said in a poster presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiologic Research.
The program is partnering with the Utah Cancer Registry, Resource for Genetic and Epidemiologic Research, and Hill Air Force Base to conduct the Follow-up Investigation of Cancer and Ground Water Contamination in Sunset and Clinton.
We focused on the kriging method to illustrate and clarify spatiotemporal relationships in epidemiologic research, e.