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From TEM observation, it was possible to distinguish epithelium, ciliated cells, and secretory cells in the mantle epidermis.
5- and 1-[micro]m beads penetrated into the epidermis in 2 of 11 skin samples (18%) flexed for 15 min, in 5 of 12 samples (41%) flexed for 30 min, and in 9 of 16 samples (56%) flexed for 60 min.
In many instances, particularly with coprolite and quid samples, fiber and epidermis make up the majority of the specimen.
The ability to deliver treatments past the outer layer of the skin deep within the epidermis represents a new generation of skin technology.
Maintaining a youthful, vibrant glow requires high levels of skin cell energy, and Corneocare contributes to a fresh, vibrant skin complexion by working on the most important skin energy mechanisms in the epidermis.
Dermis The dermis lies underneath the epidermis and is quite different.
The epidermis is comprised of one layer of cells with sinuous anticlinal walls and convex periclinal walls, in both abaxial and adaxial surfaces.
Every day, your epidermis sheds a paper-thin layer of dead skin cells.
Histologic examination of infected frogs on which necropsies were performed since the 1999 epidemic shows focal mild hyperplasia of the superficial epidermis associated with sporangia of B.
Deftly reflecting the architectural interventions of Albenda, Sze, Stingel, and Cattelan, Matta-Clark's incisions into the viscera of the building and the epidermis of the stacked cardboard supplied metaphors for all kinds of insights and invasions, while performing one simple act of access into two tangi ble surfaces.
Hanson found that UV light generates tremendous numbers of free radicals in skin in all layers of the epidermis.
Two layers make up the skin--the epidermis (EPP-ih-derm-iss), or upper layer, and the dermis, or bottom layer.