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An epidural blood patch was administered using 20 cc of blood obtained from the patient's arm as described above resulting in immediate relief of symptoms.
Although an epidural blood patch causes a sudden increase in intracranial pressure, which is one of the mechanisms by which it causes immediate relief of the headache, this patient was exhibiting signs of deterioration prior to its placement.
The efficacy of epidural blood patch in spontaneous CSF leaks.
In our patient, an epidural blood patch helped relieve his headache without rebound intracranial hypertension.
Epidural blood patch may be employed through the caudal approach directly through the epidural needle and does not require the placement of a catheter to ensure cephalad spread.
Although 20 mL is the most commonly used volume for therapeutic epidural blood patch (EBP), some experts have advocated using smaller or larger volumes.
Furthermore, there was an insignificant trend toward a reduced need for the therapeutic epidural blood patch in the blood patch group, with 9 patients in the blood patch group receiving a therapeutic patch compared with 14 in the sham injection group, Dr.