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Few of the poems extend beyond fifteen or twenty lines in length, and many are mere epigrams of four lines or even two.
And I could see Charley Furuseth, as I had said good- bye to him that morning, lounging in a dressing-gown on the be- pillowed window couch and delivering himself of oracular and pessimistic epigrams.
Their headquarters and table d'hote were established at the Pariser Hof, the other inn of the town; and though, of course, these gentlemen were obliged to be civil in public, yet they cut at each other with epigrams that were as sharp as razors, as I have seen a couple of wrestlers in Devonshire, lashing at each other's shins and never showing their agony upon a muscle of their faces.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Epigram 9 Reams 10 Tosca 11 Tadpole 12 Emu 13 Steerage 16 Division 17 Vat 19 Michael 21 Moral 22 Local 23Winsome.
Therefore, perhaps a fitting tribute and a reminder of his considerable contribution to Anglo-Welsh poetry as well as our understanding of industrial communities during the first half of the 20th century, would be the following epigram entitled "Idris" He was the bard of Rhymney, Who wrote his words so fine, And taught us that the truth, Could sing in every line
However, earlier in his article, Luck also acknowledged Palladas' popularity in antiquity and quoted the anonymous epigram AP 9.
Among the topics are Aristophanic expurgation and its phallacies, Greek epigram in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, anxiety and expurgation in the publication of Lucretius' De rerum natura, modifying Martial in 19th-century Britain, and sexual and scatological references in the Loeb Classical Library.
One slight correction: Lord Acton's epigram is 'Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Mae epigram gan y diweddar Dic Jones fel hyn: "Da i olwg medelwr Yw lleuad yn dala dwer.
A flock of seagulls observed during a trip in the Tyrrhenian motivated Petrarch to pen an epigram written in the form of a dialogue with his friend and travel companion, likely the Flemish musician Ludovico di Beringen.
Instead, he expanded his focus with his new effort The Stalin Epigram, which fictionalizes the life of Osip Mandelstam, Russia's greatest 20th-century poet, who defied Joseph Stalin and the Bolshevik regime.
Before becoming a part of Broadcom, Thermond was the CEO of Epigram which pioneered the high speed home networking marketplace for semiconductors, which has grown into a multi-hundred million dollar market today.