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The basis of intimacy in Lady Mary's epigrammatical wit is further instanced in a letter to the Countess of Mar in May, 1723.
His major books include The Italian Problem in European Diplomacy 1847-1849;(9) The Habsburg Monarchy, 1815-1918;(10) The Course of German History;(11) The Struggle for Mastery in Europe, 1848-1918;(12) The Troublemakers: Dissent Over Foreign Policy, 1792-1939,(13) and English History, 1914-1945.(14) To a greater or lesser degree all of these books were written in Taylor's sharp, witty, epigrammatical style; and they often reached surprising or perverse conclusions.
But no one could match the young man's charismatic presence, his gift for rhyming epigrammatical oratory, and his ability to win concessions from powerful business and political interests.