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In "Thinking Twice," Wolpe epigrammatically asks, "Who is going to rule over the sequences of a hundred released simultaneities?
The writings of Baltasar Gracian, the Spanish Jesuit scholar who often expressed himself satirically and epigrammatically, eventually would serve as a model for some of Monterroso's own work.
The published text of Method confirms the possibility of religious experience but does so almost epigrammatically.
Perhaps, however, they are offering a political justification for their general strategy when they note epigrammatically that "For much of their history, Americans have shown a preference for hypocrisy over cynicism" (p.
not without revenge," he snaps quite epigrammatically.
The quotation is used epigrammatically in Facsimile (1).
Stylistically, the individual kathas resemble the prose narratives in other Mina texts such as the Janamsakhi Guru Nanak - and by extension the classical prose texts like the Hitopadesa that serve as their formal models - in that each katha ends with a salok that neatly and epigrammatically encapsulates its narrative action or exegetical meaning.
His definition of heresy as 'knowledge become dangerous precisely because it has got out of control' reflects epigrammatically on the whole book.
Three years later, in an astonishing piece called "Feminism for Men," he wrote, epigrammatically, "Feminism is going to make it possible for the first time for men to be free.
Conceptismo was characterized by the use of striking metaphors, either expressed concisely and epigrammatically or elaborated into lengthy conceits.
Epigrammatically speaking, we must replace the term "Not Recall" with the term "Recall Redux"--recall leads the way, after which other, probably more powerful, factors take over.