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Perhaps, however, they are offering a political justification for their general strategy when they note epigrammatically that "For much of their history, Americans have shown a preference for hypocrisy over cynicism" (p.
Stylistically, the individual kathas resemble the prose narratives in other Mina texts such as the Janamsakhi Guru Nanak - and by extension the classical prose texts like the Hitopadesa that serve as their formal models - in that each katha ends with a salok that neatly and epigrammatically encapsulates its narrative action or exegetical meaning.
Other epigrammatically written regional markets include Canada, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Switzerland, China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, and Mexico, among others.
he encapsulates epigrammatically the cultural, ethical, moral, economic, and sexual changes wrought by the industrial revolution on a society that had no idea of how to cope with it.
Particularly instructive for the issue at hand is that Betti has no trouble with the two axioms which epigrammatically characterize the Gadamerian hermeneutical trajectory: that understanding is always interpretation; and that understanding is an event over which the interpreting subject does not ultimately preside.
There is nothing that is major or revolutionary except the minor," they write epigrammatically, because in their sense minority is the insurrectionary moment within any great literature.
Retail restaurant chains epigrammatically summarized include Limited Service Restaurant Chains, Casual Dining Restaurant Chains, Mid Scale Restaurant Chains, Bakery-Cafe Restaurants, Dinner House Chains, and Pizza Restaurant Chains, among others.