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INSCRIPTION, civil law. An engagement which a person, who makes a solemn accusation of a crime against another, enters into, that he will suffer the same punishment, if he has accused, the other falsely, which would have been inflicted upon him had he been guilty. Code, 9, 1, 10; Id. 9, 2, 16 and 17.

INSCRIPTION, evidence. Something written or engraved.
     2. Inscriptions upon tombstones and other proper places, as rings, and the like, are held to be evidence of pedigree. Bull. N. P. 233 Cowp. 591; 10 East, R. 120 13 Ves. 145 Vin. Ab. Ev. T. b. 87: 3 Stark. Ev. 116.

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The second chapter, "The Religious Functions of Entombed Epigraphy," links entombed epigraphy to two antecedent traditions of epigraphic objects used in commemorative rituals: first, the "canonically sanctioned conventions of elite commemoration" associated with ancestral sacrifice, exemplified by text-inscribed metal (bronzes and bells) and stone (steles and coffins) objects (pp.
En "Is still Arabia at the margins of digital Epigraphy? Challenges in the digitization of the pre-Islamic inscriptions in the project DASI" (pp.
Aldana's paper, "Discovering Discovery: Chich'en Itza, the Dresden Codex Venus Table and 10th Century Mayan Astronomical Innovation," in the Journal of Astronomy in Culture, blends the study of Mayan hieroglyphics (epigraphy), archaeology and astronomy to present a new interpretation of the Venus Table, which tracks the observable phases of the second planet from the Sun.
The introductory chapters give an account of the stones' physical nature, epigraphy, and excavation history, followed by discussion of analogous stones from sites such as Clonmacnois in Ireland, and the Lombard monastery of San Vincenzo al Volturno in Italy.
Ziolkowski MC (2007) "Rock on art: petroglyph sites in the United Arab Emirates" Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 18: 208-38.
Its blend of very basic definitions (e.g., between script and language) with technical vocabulary (e.g.,"lexeme,""prosopography,""script series") indicates a fairly particular target audience for this chapter and the volume as a whole: other scholars of Hebrew Bible needing to get up to date in epigraphy as well as advanced masters level and/or doctoral students seeking entry into the elementary study of Northwest Semitic, particularly Hebrew, epigraphs, The author does define some difficult terms in a glossary at the end of the book (pp.
The public affairs section and the National Association for Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan arranged a meeting with Imam Hadji Abdulgafur Razzak Buhari, imam of the sacred Bahauddin Naqshbandi Complex and author of several books about Sufiism and Islamic epigraphy.
It arose from a conference and a related research theme on epigraphy and cultural and linguistic change in the Near East "from Hellenism to Islam," organised by the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the year 2002-3.
Contributors discuss such issues as epigraphy in domestic and religious architecture, employing early photographs as guides for modern restoration, and military architecture.
In her good-humoured company you can relax, secure in her underlying scholarship--she effortlessly explains the most up-to-date research findings in recondite fields such as epigraphy and brings a refreshingly sceptical eye to bear on overly simplistic interpretations of evidence.
Epigraphy and the Greek Historian is an anthology of essays examining how epigraphy, the study of inscriptions found on ancient artifacts such as stones, coins, and statues in order to extrapolate and corroborate historical data, has served scholars in the reconstruction of Greek history.
The frankincense on board the 'Suhar' boat and characters on the epigraphy of QuanZhou Mosque of 1,000 years also reflect the strong ties that have been developed and cemented between the two Asian countries.