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14) Clinical signs are epiphora, mucopurulent discharge, blepharospasm, periorbital swelling, development of a caseous plaque of fibrinopurulent exudate under the nictitating membrane, conjunctival hyperemia, and corneal edema.
Differentiating between obstructive and reflex epiphora is often easier in a lacrimal clinic than in general practice.
symptoms such as epiphora and chronic discharge from the fistula) are potential candidates for surgical treatment.
As a sequel to metaplasia, lacrimal-duct openings may become obstructed, which results in epiphora.
It is also surprising that epiphora was not seen in this bird.
The most frequent clinical manifestations of infections were as classically described: patients had sudden onset of ocular pain, foreign body sensation, irritation, epiphora, photophobia, and subconjunctival hemorrhage.
Medial ectropion is associated with retraction of the inferior punctum away from the surface of the globe, which results in disruption of the lacrimal drainage system, epiphora, keratitis, and scleral show.
Middle turbinate osteoma presenting with ipsilateral facial pain, epiphora, and nasal obstruction.
Symptoms range from intermittent to permanent reduction in vision from stromal oedema, while pain, photophobia and epiphora can occur from recurrent corneal erosions, which in turn occur from burst bullae.
Epiphora has traditionally fallen under the purview of ophthalmologists.
These are perforated plugs which are useful in patients who experience improvement with plugs, but where full occlusion results in epiphora.
There may be many reasons for epiphora and this article describes the common types and the most effective examination and management.