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MEMORY. Understanding; a capacity to make contracts, a will, or to commit a crime, so far as intention is necessary.
     2. Memory is sometimes employed to express the capacity of the understanding, and sometimes its power; when we speak of a retentive memory, we use it in the former sense; when of a ready memory, in the latter. Shelf. on Lun. Intr. 29, 30.
     3. Memory, in another sense, is the reputation, good or bad, which a man leaves at his death. This memory, when good, is highly prized by the relations of the deceased, and it is therefore libelous to throw a shade over the memory of the dead, when the writing has a tendency to create a breach of the peace, by inciting the friends and relations of the deceased to avenge the insult offered to the family. 4 T. R. 126; 5 Co. R. 125; Hawk. b. 1, c. 73, s. 1.

MEMORY, TIME OF. According to the English common law, which has been altered by 2 & 3 Wm. IV., c. 71, the time of memory commenced from the reign of Richard the First, A. D. 1189. 2 Bl. Com. 31.
     2. But proof of a regular usage for twenty years, not explained or contradicted, is evidence upon which many public and private rights are held, and sufficient for a jury in finding the existence of an immemorial custom or prescription. 2 Saund. 175, a, d; Peake's Ev. 336; 2 Price's R. 450; 4 Price's R. 198.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Noting the results of the latest work, Crystal stressed on the need of new ways to test episodic memory replay in rats.
Finally, to the best of our knowledge, no electrophysiological study has established an explicit link between the ERP correlates of encoding strategies (e.g., processing of external and internal semantic coherence) used by schizophrenia patients at study and the ERP indices of episodic memory processes promoted at test.
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While observing one of these items, it was more common for the resulting conversations to make an episodic memory connection to an informal learning experience outside of SCEC.
But most crucial to developing musicianship and long-term memory is the association of all these memories to an episodic memory: a story-telling map or an emotional map.
The amygdala, in concert with the hippocampal constitution, establishes the emotional enhancement effect throughout episodic memory and handling.
LTM contains production memory, semantic memory, and episodic memory. SOAR chooses and applies operators through a decision-making cycle, which is a fixed processing mechanism.
This year's review contains 24 articles updating the knowledge in such areas of neurosciences as sleep for preserving and transforming episodic memory, the evolution of Drosophila melanogaster as a model for alcohol research, the neural basis of the perception and estimation of time, the transformation of visual signals by inhibitory interneurons in retinal circuits, songbirds as a model for basic and applied medical research, and the molecular basis of self-avoidance.
[5], amnestic subtypes are defined by the presence of an episodic memory deficit, whereas non-amnestic subtypes are defined by the presence of a non-memory deficit (e.g., attention, language, working memory).
Study participants took standard tests that rated their performance in 7 mental-function areas: (1) attention and executive function, (2) psychomotor speed, (3) manual dexterity and coordination, (4) visuospatial abilities, (5) working memory, (6) episodic memory, and (7) verbal fluency.
Councillor Eryl Jones-Williams, from Dyffryn Ardudwy, is concerned over the planned loss of beds at Blaenau Ffestiniog Hospital and the closure of Episodic Memory Impairment (EMI) units at Ysbyty Dolgellau and Bryn Beryl, Pwllheli.