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An epithetic variant /Ndakakaisa/ *'I fucked/screwed it' is even more chauvinistic and masochistic and further reinforces this 'patrolinguistic' trend.
18) Derrida's distinction, illustrating the epithetic distance between "life" and "death," is significant in an address of Miller's view of literature, as these labels intermittently reflect Miller's view of both the reader and the writer, and the ekphrastic anxiety experienced in an aim to (somewhat paradoxically) "record truth truly" (19) through fiction.
the Crimean text in Tolstoy's literary works, the conception of the novel The Decembrists, textual features of Tolstoy's comedy An Infected Family, epithetic structure in the story "Kholstomer," internal speech in the story "Master and Man," Tolstoy's interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew, the theme of terrorism in Tolstoy's works, the textual history of Tolstoy's treatise What is Art?