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Epitome Global Services is a trusted knowledge partner to clients in the financial services industry, providing specialized, high-value business knowledge and technology-enabled services.
The company is part of the Kolkata-based Epitome group, which is also into network hardware dealership, computer hardware retail, and jute yarn manufacturing businesses.
One is a literary study of the epitome. Photius introduced the chapters by citing Philostorgius in the third person.
They said: "Corporal Gordon Pritchard was the epitome of a modern, professional soldier.
Indeed, in Brazil's Modern Architecture, reference is made to the view of the German sociologist, Ulrich Beck, that Brazil is the epitome of things to come on a world scale.
With his substantially revised and emended edition of Antonio de Leon Pinelo's famous bibliography on the writings related to the New World, the Epitome de la biblioteca, Gonzalez de Barcia utilized bis paratext to intercalate political arguments into a catalog intended ostensibly to serve purely intellectual ends.
Their agriculture teacher advisors are the epitome of service.
Lintz, DDS, the dentist who initially diagnosed and provided dental care for our son, to be the epitome of the profession.
Pro- slavery rhetoric in part helped to further cement the idea of the Old South as one that was stable and sound, while northern agitators became the epitome of all that might erode southern tradition.
It is not surprising that monkeys have the ability to display these tendencies, but they are not the epitome of what makes us human.
In a survey, they claim they are the epitome of 'new men' like the England captain but in reality they bear a worrying resemblance to The Simpsons' beer-drinking couch potato.
The epitome of reinvention for any diva-in-waiting is Madonna, who has changed her look and image time and time again over the last two decades and remained a top performer.