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In one miscellaneous section he came upon a "Norrie's Epitome.
But Captain Davenport refused to be comforted, and by the light of a lantern read up the chapter in his Epitome that related to the strategy of shipmasters in cyclonic storms.
Fragment #1 -- Photius, Epitome of the Chrestomathy of Proclus: The Epic Cycle begins with the fabled union of Heaven and Earth, by which they make three hundred-handed sons and three Cyclopes to be born to him.
Uttering a low querulous growl, the speaker, whose harsh countenance was the very epitome of selfishness, raked the scanty fire nearly out of the grate, and, emptying the glass which Noggs had pushed towards him, inquired where he kept his coals.
Patrick's Cathedral bears this inscription of his own composing, the best possible epitome of his career:
Yes, I said; his life is motley and manifold and an epitome of the lives of many;--he answers to the State which we described as fair and spangled.
It is as if a fragment of England floated forward to greet the foreigner--chalk of our chalk, turf of our turf, epitome of what will follow.
The pliant, persuasive body, the dancer, whose symbol and epitome is the self-enjoying soul.
But even an epitome of his monologue would be so much weariness; suffice it that it ended inevitably in the invitation I had dreaded all the evening.
Harthouse professed himself in the highest degree instructed and refreshed, by this condensed epitome of the whole Coketown question.
The feeblest member of a family--the one who has the least character--is often the merest epitome of the family habits and traditions; and Mrs.
The researchers concluded that since there is no way to screen every variety of oats on the market for alpha-gliadin-type epitomes, the best approach for patients with celiac disease would be to consider oats cross-reactive and eliminate them from their diet.