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In place of village-bound studies of China as a potentially endless series of local epitomizations, Freedman points to the novel possibilities opened up by the closing off of China.
This fear of the Islamization of society and the epitomization of women as symbols of secularist and Islamist movements has prevented many democratic secular women from entering into attentive discussions with religious Muslim women (Saktanber, 2006).
In the second, the passage as a whole has been suspected of having suffered epitomization, on no adequate grounds, in my view; but the excision of three words makes sense of the narrative and should eliminate any further doubts about its coherence.
Being linked to the Sino-Japanese War and having the most gundilong, Cucumber Lane, I suggest, carried in itself an effective epitomization of the bitter past, which constituted a distinctive ideological resource susceptible to political appropriation.
The CBS executives presumably didn't need to be reminded of their own Dan Rather's epitomization of network television as a natural-bom toady.