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This transformation marks the emergence of the new ideal of personal style, an ideal epitomized by the publication of the fifth edition of the Essais in 1588.
Guy Mitchell, the jocular pop crooner of lightweight songs who epitomized the clean-cut boy next door in the early 1950s, died on Thursday at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas.
Patricia Neary's staging infuses The Four Temperaments (1946) with the leggy, hip-thrusting lyricism that epitomized Balanchine's neoclassical American style as it was performed in the sixties.
THQ's strategy to create original franchises, partner with premier development talent, and support state-of-the-art gaming platforms is epitomized in our announcement of `Red Faction,'" said Mike Rubinelli, vice president of development, THQ.
Man of the times: For reasons that still baffle him, Julian Schnabel epitomized everything that many people disliked about the '80s art world.
This aspect is epitomized by Myrna Kamara's seductive solo, as her long legs rocket skyward with casual aplomb.
Barry White, whose unmistakable basso voice has epitomized romance for the last two decades, is back on top with "Staying Power," the premiere single and title track from his Private Music debut, named the No.
Known for his temper as well as his memorable epigrams (``You're never beaten, time just runs out on you''), Vince Lombardi epitomized the hard-nosed spirit of competitiveness to a generation of football fans.
Gliatech (NASDAQ:GLIA) epitomized how a product launch can galvanize stock price performance, leading the neuro sector with a gain of 196% during 1998.
They had expected a routine room with two double beds - you know, the type that once epitomized Holiday Inns' image of providing cookie-cutter accommodations.
Frederick Terman epitomized this ideal as a leading researcher in radio technology, who also wrote the classic textbook in the field in the 1930s.
PERC also believes that there will be tremendous growth of fiber optics in telecommunication and multimedia applications (the combination of voice, video and data transmission) to accomodate the communication revolution epitomized by the information super highway and the Internet.