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We'd have to believe that Al Burr epitomizes the classic high school educator.
This case has stimulated significant historical interest because it epitomizes the conflict that raged in the intellectual world of sixteenth-century Spain between humanism and religious dogmatism.
The continuing controversy over appropriate utilization of high-dose chemotherapy (HCDT)-autologous bone marrow transplantation (ABMT) in the treatment of cancer epitomizes the debate in this country over increasing expenditures for the application of health care technology.
To us, she epitomizes success, which is why she was a natural choice for the award.
The queer highlight of the disc epitomizes their effort to straddle both worlds: the butch-lesbian identity narrative "Viz" (short for "visibility"), which couples bolish out dyke Samson's musings about her "pees" and "'stache" with a candy-coated confection of slick processed vocals, synths, and drum beats.
When Frank "Shake and Bake" Streety discloses the source of his wizardry in a recipe, it epitomizes Mallozzi's wizardry as well: "Use two full servings of between-the-legs dribbling.
This spirit of pseudoscientific experimentation epitomizes Huebler's approach: The application of a discourse developed for the collection of empirical data and the verification of objective truths to situations that are by turns aleatory, outlandish, or simply mundane, accounts for much of his humor.
Siobhan Davies's first full-length work created for the company in more than thirty years of making dances, Wild Air epitomizes her work and that of her company.