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In these crises there breaks out an epidemic that, in all earlier epochs, would have seemed an absurdity -- the epidemic of over-production.
I cast about for some such notion as this to apply to our little world, so as to inaugurate a third commercial epoch. Our town is so much like any other, that our prosperity was scarcely visible to a passing stranger; it was only for me that it was astonishing.
All this has been changed in our day; and we must even take our epoch as we find it.
Familiar as it stands in the writer's recollection,--for it has been an object of curiosity with him from boyhood, both as a specimen of the best and stateliest architecture of a longpast epoch, and as the scene of events more full of human interest, perhaps, than those of a gray feudal castle,--familiar as it stands, in its rusty old age, it is therefore only the more difficult to imagine the bright novelty with which it first caught the sunshine.
The family of Colonel Pyncheon, at the epoch of his death, seemed destined to as fortunate a permanence as can anywise consist with the inherent instability of human affairs.
During the Revolution, the Pyncheon of that epoch, adopting the royal side, became a refugee; but repented, and made his reappearance, just at the point of time to preserve the House of the Seven Gables from confiscation.
At two or three epochs, when the fortunes of the family were low, this representative of hereditary qualities had made his appearance, and caused the traditionary gossips of the town to whisper among themselves, "Here is the old Pyncheon come again!
With these facts we must grant, as far as quantity alone of vegetation is concerned, that the great quadrupeds of the later tertiary epochs might, in most parts of Northern Europe and Asia, have lived on the spots where their remains are now found.
(Nasdaq: HRTX), a commercial-stage biotechnology company focused on improving the lives of patients by developing best-in-class treatments to address some of the most important unmet patient needs, today announced that the results from EPOCH 2, a Phase 3 study of the investigational agent HTX-011 in open inguinal hernia repair surgery with mesh, have been published in the journal, Hernia, in an article entitled 'HTX-011 reduced pain intensity and opioid consumption versus bupivacaine HCl in herniorrhaphy: results from the phase 3 EPOCH 2 study.'
"The discovery of Crossvallia waiparensis, a monster penguin from the Paleocene Epoch, adds to the list of gigantic, but extinct, New Zealand fauna," a statement on the Canterbury Museum's website said.
Falco eMotors, a brushless permanent magnet motor technology provider that designs, develops, produces and supports an advanced portfolio of electric motors for light electric vehicles and industrial and commercial HVLS fans, has received certification for its Epoch HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans.
Japanese delegation led by Kazuteru Yokomori, director of the EPOCH Partners Company, one of the leading investment companies in Japan, andTural Karimli, Director of Azerbaijan Innovation Agency, discussed on July 3 the development of blockchain technologies, application of blockchain and crypto mining and investment opportunities in Azerbaijan.