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While not surprisingly this rash assumption has been proven false and "unhistorical" on more than one occasion, the fall of communism, undoubtedly, remains an epochal event with implications and lessons for many other parts of the world.
Archaeological evidence from Newfoundland has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that they made the trip, but the motives, frequency and targets of these epochal odysseys are unclear.
According to Mascolini, "Children who reach their teens burdened by HIV since birth often arrive at this epochal nexus with bodies lagging their peers in maturity, with the stigmata of their infection, and with aimless, abusive, or absent parents" (p.
It's the Hastings-esque outsiders with no fear of burning bridges who have often uncovered the epochal stories missed by those with high-level access.
In 1971, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers were the surprise winners of a competition for the new Pompidou Centre in Paris; one of those epochal moments in architectural history that effectively gave birth to high-tech and kickstarted two stellar careers.
In its commentary min reported: "The secret of Farm Progress's epochal success is having 18 discrete publications serving local markets.
No dates were given for the visit, but the reports said the North Korean leader urged farmers and officials to "provide the people with more chickens and eggs" and "bring about an epochal turn in agricultural production".
President Bush earned his place in the pantheon of disgrace even before he presided over an epochal financial crisis.
I think it's stronger," the auteur Martha Clarke muses of her re-envisioning of Garden of Earthly Delights, the epochal 1984 dance-theatre sensation that altered the face and shape of postwar American musical theatre.
For Europeans, World War I remains the epochal event of the twentieth century.
has projected that fiscal 2008 revenues will be "well over $85 billion" as it marks the one-year anniversary of its epochal merger with pharmacy benefits manager Caremark Rx Inc.
AN EPOCHAL SHIFT IN THE immemorial cycle of war is under way, writes retired major general Robert H.