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These findings, depicted as medical eponyms, may impart important clues for diagnosticians to identify the underlying condition and explain the pathophysiological mechanism of the disease process.
The use of medical eponyms, which are medical terms named after people (e.g., Down's syndrome), has frequently been a source of confusion for learners.
Hence the stutter effects ("lan lan lang") in "Discourse on the Logic of Language." This trying, this stuttering, is formalized at the level of the name: the eponym is itself a kind of slow stutter.
More than just a word origin guide, it expands each entry to include stories and facts behind each name, adding describers and authors of the original descriptions alongside names that appear to be eponyms.
A cosmetics entrepreneur she was the founder and eponym of company Helena Rubinstein, Incorporated, which made her one of the world's richest women.
It's an activity many of us have enjoyed, and it's played a key role in popular entertainment, such as in the movie "Dogma" and on the show "How I Met Your Mother." But, is skee-ball a proprietary eponym? Has it reached the level of zipper, yo-yo or shredded wheat, terms that were once trademarks that have since been declared legally defunct?
But in the case of Simon Boccanegra we weep for two old men, reconciled at the end of a lifetime's enmity, the eponym already in his death-throes brought about by politically-motivated poisoning.
Therefore, there is a need to include a new term in anatomical terminology, "umbilical spinous line", which would serve as a morphological referent for location on the given line, a specific point of auscultation of the vermiform appendix known from years ago by the eponym of McBurney's point.
Being awarded an eponym is regarded as an honor in science or in medicine: "eponymity, not anonymity, is the standard" [1].
Ironically, part of the problem with OWN's initial struggles might have stemmed from the enormously high profile of its talk-show-queen eponym. While most fledgling networks have to prove viewership before they can attract blue-chip advertisers, OWN worked in reverse -- luring in top companies such as Procter & Gamble and Kohl's, which were attracted to what was presumably a very loyal fan base for the Oprah Winfrey brand.
The painting of Catalan, the master that Alain Resnais brought to the screen in 1950 in a cult film with an eponym title, inserts itself like a joint between Khaled Hafez's video and Nermine Hammam's work, making fun of stereotypes.