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Nicolas Cage (right) plays Johnny Blaze and the eponymous motorcycling hero in Ghost Rider (12A), and (left) love interest Eva Mendes.
The eponymous sponsoring group is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that says on its IRS Form 990 that it exists to "host an annual prayer breakfast in Washington, D.
White made his name as the auteur behind the 1996 "Femalien" series--a thoroughly silly set of sci-fi soft-core pix--and a few years later produced the considerably more substantive "Understanding Joshua," 2000, in which the eponymous antihero, a sad-sack homunculus, makes his way through a landscape of suburban parties and unsatisfying interactions.
Authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, founders of an eponymous consulting group, have been expounding on the value of consumer focus for years.
Paperback rights to Toure's debut novel, Soul City (about a journalist sent to report on the mayoral race in the eponymous black urban utopia, where music, food, love, and style reign supreme) sold to Josh Kendall at Picador by Laura Quinn at Little, Brown and Company.
I won't spoil the fun by saying how the eponymous pike ends up in the eponymous basement of a bohemian artist and his nude model, but it's as good a yarn as you'll read anywhere.
The eponymous contemporary art museum, named for its founder Sofia Imber, has 17 rooms, more than 21,000 square feet, and includes now more than 3,000 works, including Matisse, Picasso, Chagall and Miro.
JoAnn Calleia, interior designer with an eponymous firm on Pineapple Avenue, says clients often ask her to rejuvenate a room without changing the main seating pieces.
Toastabags recently launched its eponymous heat-conductive wallet which cooks sandwiches.
Wallace and Weisman suggest "Reiter does not deserve eponymous distinction.
Henderson also alluded to the brave new world of e-commerce by saying he had dropped the eponymous name of his company: "On the internet you must have a brand that is memorable, and a URL address that is memorable.
This work had offered a devastating portrait of a society enslaved by erotic passions and greed, presided over by the eponymous sorceress and bawd.