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Judges, usually prominent landowners, would swear on the Bible to listen equably to the pleas of farmers anxious to pay a small fine for their return of their sheep.
These points should be clear and have apparent characteristics and distribute equably within the images.
We have now the sphere filled, through means of irradiation, with atoms equably diffused.
Never mind that Brat, who speaks equably about making Washington work, seems to eschew Cruz's confrontational style.
Abner equably but firmly replies, "It means somethin'.
At the same time, other smaller established centres which have benefited from historic linguistic, cultural and political advantages, will have to adjust to a much more even global balance of urban power, more equably distributed between West and East, North and South.
This new teaching and learning paradigm had to contain the belief that both universities should grant an equal opportunity for success to every student that they enrol on this course and provide equably for the learning ambitions of all students, irrespective of their national, ethnic, cultural, social class or gender identities, thus complying with the principles of equity and social justice.
3), Patrick O'Sullivan offers a heartfelt homage to peasant-led "Nowherean" communities in Aragon during the Spanish civil war, whose inhabitants strove to end rural illiteracy, introduce adult education, distribute food and shelter equably, create profit-free banking exchanges, and support popular resistance to Franco's fascist state.
Temple is equably remarkable in his prescience if one remembers that he was writing nearly a hundred years before
Worst of all was the way he failed to spot Mirco Bergamasco's blatant knock-on just after the hour mark, with fellow Irish official Peter Fitzgibbon equably culpable on the touchline.
Other major ports such as Harwich and Newcastle might not be resting too easily if this policy (which is apparently perfectly "fair" when applied to Liverpool) were to be applied equably to all ports.
4) Energy balance: In order to achieve a long-lived network, energy load must be equably distributed among all sensor nodes.