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Human rights are founded on the recognition that all human beings have equal worth, and that we are all entitled to the same fundamental protections and freedoms.
As we gather to celebrate the majesty of impeccable ship design, in a maritime venue of equal worth, we set a new course for the world's most celebrated ocean liner.
We should also be far more bothered about the dignity of women who, despite great social progress since getting the vote in 1928, still do not receive equal pay for jobs of equal worth.
We are for the proposition that every human being has an equal worth and dignity--that every human being has a right to live.
It says we are a country that will continue to honour its proudest traditions of respect, tolerance and equal worth.
To be fair, many (ahem, me) would argue they share equal worth.
Under tight police security on 14 November 2013 at the University of Waterloo, MP Stephen Woodworth (Kitchener Centre) spoke about "the importance of the legal principle which requires recognition of the equal worth and dignity of every human being and the implication of parliament's abandonment of that principle in defeating Motion 312.
All university staff has equal worth to me and they should also be devoted to make IIUI prestigious institute".
Although our lives are all of equal worth, we're not all mentally equal.
So the ideal, as signalled by this performance, is to give those elements equal worth, thanks to Petrenko''s ability to pick out the seeminly smallest component parts - not least the lyrical flute playing of Cormac Henry, and the sometimes underground menace of the horns.
As recent scholarship has recognized, to claim that a practice is wrongfully discriminatory is often not to allege that it is instrumentally irrational, but to assert that its public meaning denigrates the equal worth of some persons.
Michael Fabricant (Con, Lichfield) pointed out: "In 2010 in this chamber the Deputy Prime Minister made it very clear that the boundary review would be established on the simple principle of fairness, with all votes being of equal worth.