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analysis and evaluation of efficiency(development of efficiency evaluation criteria) of the existing system of the budget sufficiency equalization of the sub-nationalentities of the Russian Federation;
Increase in equalization grants is observed due to increasing expenditure commitments of local self-governments and changing target revenues of some local self-governments.
CJ LHC remarked the burden of inefficiency of the officers cannot be shifted to the shoulders of the people nor the equalization surcharge can be recovered on electricity bills.
Interpretation of the policies and procedures regarding tax equalization and tax protection requires a qualified expatriate tax advisor.
Veteran electrical engineer Bottomley shows how his textbook can be used to teach channel equalization to students ranging from advanced high school to graduate school.
I find the Valsava maneuver to be the most effective especially coming from a scuba diving background where equalization is routinely performed.
Equalization is the term applied to evening out funding for California schools since the landmark Proposition 13 took effect in 1979.
Equalization payments would also require the cooperation of the other provinces, therefore contributing to the complexity of any negotiations.
The Canadian Federal-Provincial Equalization Regime, p.
The elected members of the Board of Equalization would serve as ex-officio member of the California Tax Commission, with the state controller serving as the commission's initial chairperson.
Tax equalization benefits can ensure that the expatriate experiences neither financial loss nor gain from the international assignment.