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Ultimately, the government does recover some of the money it pays to Aramco for equalization. The equalization payment is recorded as revenue for the company (it is marked on the books as "other income related to sales" within total revenue).
Since some regions might need financial assistance, especially during the transition, the Con-com decided to have an equalization fund equivalent to 3 percent of the annual General Appropriations Act.
However, Generoso said the 50 percent and the equalization funds will be different from the IRA , which he noted as an 'inequitable' system that 'they are trying to cure.'
Farm property is assessed differently, with farm homesites and dwellings subject to regular assessing and equalization procedures, but with farmland assessed at one-third of its agriculture economic value.
In order to overcome these obstacles, we proposed an optimized adaptive equalization system which is based on eye diagram tracking.
In SC-FDE systems, linear equalization is simple and practical, but it does not do well in noise and intersymbol interference (ISI) suppression [7].
The literature on purchasing power parity (PPP) relates free trade to price equalization. Based on a no-arbitrage argument, PPP suggests that a price index constructed with multiple goods in each country should be the same across countries when there are no barriers to international trade.
Hypothetical tax is not an actual tax that is remitted to a tax authority, but held by the employer and used in the tax equalization summary and final calculation.
The main difference among the histogram equalization techniques is the input histogram separation style.
The equalization surcharge is to be applied to all the consumers except Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC).
To offset fiscal disparity, many countries and regions, either developed or developing ones, have created fiscal equalization programs in the last decades, mostly in the form of revenue transfers.