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The stories of this type are referred to as Equalize.
Of the 39 problems that we have considered, 9 are of the class Change, 6 of Equalize, 6 of Compare and 18 of Change-Compare.
A research study was carried out among several groups of students to contrast Change-Compare problems with Change, Equalize and Compare problems, and to establish the influence of the expression of the variation and the difference, as well as the effect of the problem characteristics.
6 only differ in the expression of the Variation; analogously, with Equalize 5 and Compare 5 problems.
As shown in Table 5, the two problems, Equalize 6 and Equalize 1, with the unknown as referent, do not have low success rates.
Type of story: Compare, Equalize, Change, and Change-Compare
The Change and Change-Compare problems have the same scheme s + v = e, but the expression of the variation is different; also the Compare problems and the Equalize problems have the scheme s + d = b, but the difference is expressed in different ways.
First and Second Grader's Performance on Compare and Equalize Word Problems.
So, it can be said that the IR-characteristic is a particularly negative condition with Change-Compare problems but of less consequence in Compare or Equalize problems.
1995) consider it convenient that the knowledge of the different classes of problems form part of the normal school education curriculum, and that students should be able to identify them as Change, Equalize or Compare.
Equalize 5: If P earns 2 pta, then he will have the same as R.