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T must weigh the cost of the insurance premium against the $302,172 increase in Federal estate taxes that occurs when distributions are equalized on an after-tax basis.
On an equalized 52-week basis, same-store sales gained 1.
Eye Doctor achieves this improved analysis capability, in part, because it incorporates two unique elements - Virtual Probing[TM], which enhances the accuracy of measurements made on distorted waveforms, and equalized receiver emulation, which allows measurements to be made from a "receiver's eye view.
As a result, equalized property values have grown by a strong 20.
Also, ratings of Discover Bank are upgraded and equalized to the ratings of Morgan Stanley.
The city's debt burden on an overall basis, including overlapping debt of the Plainfield school district for which the city levies taxes; sewer authority; utility authority; and County of Union, is above average at over 5% of equalized value, or $2,464 per capita.
Since 2001, equalized value has grown a strong average of 15.
Each of five 3-inch digitally equalized aluminum phase plug satellites combines two drivers into one, providing the clarity of a tweeter with the richness and fullness of a mid-range driver.