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But its benefits would not be limited to equalizing school funding nationwide or to making our whole tax system more progressive.
Why not replace our fifty separate state sales tax systems with a single and simple progressive national consumption tax, whose proceeds are rebated to the states on a per pupil basis, thereby equalizing school funding while solving the Internet tax problem at the same time?
In addition, the goal of equalizing access to educational opportunity would require certain variations in the distribution of national funds to reflect differences in the cost of living in different neighborhoods and regions.
Equalizing school finance nationwide--by whatever method--might be dismissed as too radical to be taken seriously.
Indeed, the depth of public support for equalizing school funding is surprising.
A 1999 survey by National Public Radio, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Kennedy School of Government revealed 83 percent of Americans favor equalizing school funding, even at the price of transferring resources from wealthy districts to poor ones.
Advocates of radically different educational reforms should agree that equalizing school funding across the country is a necessary precondition for their favored reforms.
The Key-PowerSuite(TM) will be the first commercialized product line offering an all-in-one, compatible solution to battery charging, monitoring and equalizing.