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The main goal of this work is to derive the equation of motion in fractional form for the single fluid from the fractional Lagrangian density and from the fractional Hamiltonian density also to determine the energy-stress tensor in fractional form also, by using Caputo's fractional derivative.
A joint evaluation of the intercept and slope coefficient of the regression Equation (observed values versus predicted BW) for Holstein and crossbred animals separately (Table 3) shows the rejection of the null hypothesis (p < 0.
On the prototype solutions of symmetric regularized long wave equation by generalized kudryashov method.
Now that my powers of prestigiation have warmed up," resumes the magician, "I think I may be ready to undertake a much greater challenge, namely, correctly completing the same palindromical equation with all eight-digit addends this time--an order of magnitude increase in difficulty
El-Shahed: Application of Hes homotopy perturbation method to Volterras integro-differential equation, Int.
This correction involves taking the determinants of both sides of Equation (4) to obtain
Let us consider the problem of solving the equation x - 2 = 0.
The Cockroft- Gault equation linked mild renal dysfunction with decreased bone mineral density.
Assume that the solution of equation (3) has the form of (1).
Taking into account equations (210) and (211), as summarized in equation
Zhou, Wang, and Zhang enlarge their account of the underlying theory of fractional differential equations for researchers and graduate students dealing with fractional calculus and applied analysis, differential equations, and related areas of research.