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Functional modules: Define the sorts of data and the operations on these data through equational theories.
Assuming that the TP here is a nonverbal equational (subject-predicate) sentence, the predicate- i.
At the end of the 1990s Ilya Zhil'tsov began to study the decidability problem for the equational theory of [A.
With hindsight, we can now say that the solution was implicit in the same meiotic cells she was studying, because such heteromorphic autosomes, which are very common in grasshoppers (Nur 1961, John 1973, Bidau & Hasson 1984), usually result from heterochromatic supernumerary segments (see below), and the position of chiasmata (distal or proximal to the segment) determines the mode of segregation of the heteromorphic bivalent during first meiosis (reductional or equational, respectively).
Here, the strategy of removing all matching records except one would tend to have more records enter the same window, for comparison by the equational theory, than would otherwise be possible if we allowed all the records with duplicate keys to occupy all available slots in the window.
The Equational Theory of Disjoint Alternatives", personal communication to Prof.
b) the frequency of equational sentences, here defined as nominal sentences without the presence of a verb.
Here, the meaning of the notion of modelling is the widest, referring to any explicative demarche, theoretical or logic (it is by no means reduced to a quantitative, possibly equational description).
The second apodosis parallels the first in that it uses the exact same formula with the same number of words creating a balanced equational sentence.
William McCune's work in the equational theory of lattices.
An equational deductive system for the differential and integral calculus.
Equational patterns are also prominent in the depiction of scene: sea and beach stand in apposition to four noun phrases in stanza 1 where rosa and nieve depict the whiteness of surf with Gongoresque plasticity.