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183) According to Article I of the Treaty the method employed to divide the gap between both nations was equidistance, a continuation of what was employed in the 1978 Treaty.
China also argues that the delimitation should be effected by agreement, and that agreement through consultation on the basis of equity takes precedence over the equidistance line principle.
First stage--Construction of a provisional equidistance line starting at Point A--Determination of base points--Provisional equidistance line runs until intersection with the 200-nautical-mile limit measured from Chilean baselines (Point B).
A position closer to equidistance between Foreman's emphases and these contributors is offered by Bridget Stutchbury's chapter on an activity that also has totemic significance for Foreman's essay, namely bird-watching.
As far as television is concerned, as Adams (1993) has succinctly argued, the "world" is brought near "at equidistance from the viewer" and is presented at "equal availability for the viewer" (p.
The equidistance function of the Euclidean distance is commonly used to measure the similarity in the low-dimensional space.
Steve Murphy's analysis of the oscillation between revolutionary/utopian aspirations and melancholic withdrawal in the urban cycle prose poems in Illuminations is a must-read situated somewhere at impeccable equidistance between a trenchant intervention into sociocultural (counter)history and the sort of rigorous close readings that are this author's stock-and-trade (227-45).
In a possible reference to Cyprus' desire to join NATO's anteroom Partnership for Peace (PfP), Kasoulides said other countries needed to "review their position of neutrality and equidistance between the two sides of the Cyprus issue, and also view the issues that don't have anything to do with the dispute with Turkey, but have to do with the fact that we are the frontier, at least of the EU".
This formal equidistance, however, could give the advantage to companies directly controlled from the Kremlin, over transparent companies from EU countries.
I cannot anticipate the equidistance, I cannot know