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Location has also enabled Anchorage to become one of the most important air cargo hubs in the world, poised, as it is, equidistance between Asia, Europe and North America.
Japanese outreach to Beijing in 2009-10 under Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama--whose policy of equidistance between the United States and China threatened Japan's role within the alliance to assist in Taiwan's defense--was rebuffed by Beijing.
The newspapers said that Riyadh is the Arab capital that is eligible to lead the joint action as it maintains a balanced relationship enabling it keep equidistance to opt for point of concurrency towards the various parties in accordance with a balanced and moderate policy which is governed by the Saudi constants.
5 cm in diameter were spaced equidistance apart along the centerline of the chamber floor's long axis.
Here, a secularist (Habermas) agrees with an Islamic scholar (GE-len) that religion can be practiced in the public realm, that religious demands can be made in the public sphere and that the state is at equidistance from all religions.
In this case, the method is applied by superimposing a set of parallel lines on the particle, separated from each other with an equidistance of 1 pixel.
By violating the symmetry of respect and equidistance between ethnic groups that characterizes Senegal's pluralism, he offended far more people than he attracted.
The BFRP was then placed onto the tension face of the ply beam at equidistance from the beam centre line and set firmly onto the substrate using a suitable hand roller.
2) Benedict does not remain in a position of indifferent equidistance relative to the chances and risks of globalization.
A l'aide d'une deuxieme camera--a partir d'un <<poste d'observation sedentaire>> (Gueronnet 1987 : 13) --situee a equidistance des protagonistes, je filmais, toujours en plan-sequence, et soulignais au moyen du zoom optique chez les deux protagonistes ce qui me semblait utile au cours des interactions observees.
Russia for instance, seeks a regional approach while India attempts to strengthen its ties with Afghanistan and China reconsiders equidistance to Pakistan and India.
Seoul needs to pursue an equidistance policy with the United States, China and Russia.