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This error depends not only on the degrees of approximation polynomial p, but also on the node distributions (nonequidistant or equidistant) within FEs associated with the type of approximation polynomials (nonequidistant Chebyshev and Legendre and equidistant B-spline), as presented in Table 1.
The expectation is also the SQNR calculation for the third case of PDF discretization and the equidistant region boundaries (see the 7th and 8th row in Table I).
That is, the top and bottom sides of the dental X-ray film appear equidistant from the top and bottom sides, respectively; of the paralleling ring, and the left and right sides of the film appear equidistant from the left and right sides, respectively; of the paralleling ring.
Located on a picturesque & historic island in the Puget Sound with limited competition, equidistant from 3 major cities & accessible by air and sea.
Optional row-sensing auto steering and hydraulic deck plates can be fitted for consistent (equidistant) row operation to minimize effects of stalk shatter and potential for header loss.
The Lomak (Light Operated Mouse And Keyboard) has keys, which are arranged in three circles with each key equidistant from the confirm key so that the keyboard can be operated with very small movements.
The valve can be made by a method comprising a tubular segment in which three equidistant longitudinal incisions are made in one end of the tube, creating three flaps which are involuted, i.e., folded in toward the inside of the tube, and the edges of the flaps secured to the inner wall of the tube to form leaflets.
The developed algorithm ARes in combination with the ArTex algorithm achieves statistically significant improvements over single resolution and also over equidistant resolutions.
For instance, the points equidistant from two points A and B are on the perpendicular bisector of the segment AB.
In England not long after the arrival of our seventh child and having to make yet another move, we were looking for a rental in the area roughly equidistant between London and Portsmouth, an area not known for its numerous Catholic churches.
Median veins free, equidistant; inner sheath (IS) single- or
Ozawa said that relations among Japan, China and the United States must be like an ''equilateral triangle'' -- a proposal for Japan to take an equidistant approach to both China and the U.S.