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Thus, the total energy consumption is the minimum when nodes are equidistantly deployed.
In each transect, a line running east to west was drawn equidistantly between the northern and southernmost sites, and the ends of the line were aligned longitudinally with the eastern and westernmost sites.
The Software Equivalencia ("Equivalence Software", developed by Edson Cordeiro dos Santos in 2001) allows programming MTS procedures with the sample in the center of the screen and the comparison stimuli distributed equidistantly around the sample, in windows that measured 4 x 4 cm.
This still didn't deny me several minutes of "enjoyment" this morning, collecting local youngsters' garbage dropped almost equidistantly from all of the bins in our village-centre park.
The possible advantages of using these discs over powdered drug are by placing the disc in a particular area, the effect can be possibly localized and by placing the disc equidistantly a near uniform concentration can be achieved.
We now assume that the knots are equidistantly distributed on a ray in [R.
For human gonads, we counted germ cells in 1 of 10 sections distributed equidistantly along the pieces of testis for the 7-week-old fetuses and 1 of 20 sections for later stages.
Firm 3 is located equidistantly between firms 1 and 2, opposite to firm e, as depicted in Figure 1.
At the beginning we pick the particles equidistantly from an experimentally chosen interval.
The learning points were selected to equidistantly cover the zone among the sensors [S.