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In the production of finished pickle products, desalted cucumbers were separated from the desalting water before being cut and packed with freshly made cover liquor containing sufficient NaCl, Ca[Cl.sub.2], vinegar, and flavors, such as dill, to equilibrate to each processor's desired formulation.
Additional experiments confirmed that roGFP2 is not directly oxidized, but properly equilibrates with the glutathione redox couple: Inhibition of endogenous glutaredoxin 1 (Grx1) disrupted roGFP2 responses to [O.sub.3], and a Grx1-roGFP2 fusion protein responded more rapidly to [O.sub.3] exposure.
Even though the effective pulling rates may be similar to those used in SMD calculations, in PNW after a fast extension the system is allowed to equilibrate, allowing the dynamics run to sample events that take place during extension.
The results of this study also show an initial increase, but then SOM equilibrates in the two oldest age classes in amounts not significantly different from either of the first two age classes.
We are focused on recognising cost synergies from the Bois d'Arc integration while drilling and oil service costs equilibrate with lower commodity prices.
This is bad news because inventories need to come down considerably for the housing market to equilibrate."
Hence, scarcity occludes the cosmological functions of the life force by definition, and rather than demonstrate an attribute of parsimony, the natural environment is capable of sustaining manifest changes in the form or expression of the life force without altering its essential pith, thus such changes in form or expression are in consistent with known physical law (e.g., E=mc2), and serve to equilibrate, renew, and/or correct the unity between humankind and nature.
For example, when people wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, they should sit on the edge of the bed for a few seconds to allow their blood pressure to equilibrate to the upright position," says Dr.
The buffered solution was then exposed to the atmosphere for 16 h to equilibrate P[C0.sub.2], before heating to 37 [degrees]C and measuring the final pH.
Odds that China will undergo a nominal appreciation of the yuan sufficient to make a modest contribution to equilibrate excess demand domestically, by shifting production from traded to non-traded goods: 30 percent.
"My heart beats strongly when I apply the paint trying to equilibrate values.
Place a fixed amount of health-care money in the hands of employees and dependents, engage them in the process of making smarter decisions about medical care and see the cost of health care equilibrate. In essence, the rationale is if they spend money from their own account, people will more judiciously consume medical care.