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With respect to high population and rising demand for rice as a common food among Iranian families, domestic protection such as input subsidy for using high yield varieties and new irrigation systems should be considered in order to raise the elasticity of rice supply and equilibrate the domestic rice market.
Even though the effective pulling rates may be similar to those used in SMD calculations, in PNW after a fast extension the system is allowed to equilibrate, allowing the dynamics run to sample events that take place during extension.
The results of this study also show an initial increase, but then SOM equilibrates in the two oldest age classes in amounts not significantly different from either of the first two age classes.
During the transient interruption of expiratory flow, the mouth pressure was assumed to equilibrate to the transpulmonary pressure and so it was used in the above equation together with the expiratory flow rate recorded just prior to occlusion.
This is bad news because inventories need to come down considerably for the housing market to equilibrate.
The specimens were allowed to equilibrate in office conditions for several days.
E=mc2), and serve to equilibrate, renew, and/or correct the unity between humankind and nature.
For example, when people wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, they should sit on the edge of the bed for a few seconds to allow their blood pressure to equilibrate to the upright position," says Dr.
The buffered solution was then exposed to the atmosphere for 16 h to equilibrate P[C0.
Odds that China will undergo a nominal appreciation of the yuan sufficient to make a modest contribution to equilibrate excess demand domestically, by shifting production from traded to non-traded goods: 30 percent.
My heart beats strongly when I apply the paint trying to equilibrate values.