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The stability of the equilibrated or practically equilibrated water samples of 31/05/11, 28/06/11 and 29/11/11 were expected focusing on the nil value of [DELTA][[[Ca.
After cells were equilibrated in fresh KGM or Locke solution (LS + G or LS - G) for 2 hr, the intracellular levels of total NADPH were assessed using an AbCam (Cambridge, MA, USA) NADP/NADPH assay kit according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Long-term periodical means of the annual fluxes of SOC input and output in equilibrated natural ecosystems formed in concordance with soil peculiarities are presented in Fig.
After attaining a sufficient quantity of cells in culture T flasks (Greiner bio one), 70 mL of culture medium, equilibrated with a predefined amount of microcarrier in a 500 mL spinner flask were inoculated with 105 cel/mL.
The pIAP values with respect to the relevant calcium phosphate phases (HA, ACP/TCP, OCP, and DCPA) of each solution equilibrated with a nCaP sample were calculated from the pH, [Ca] and [P] values, and an estimated ionic strength of the solution.
In this test the hydrogels were equilibrated with saline water (0.
Their reconstructed CO2 concentrations for the past five million years was used to estimate Earth-system climate sensitivity for a fully equilibrated state of the planet, and found that a relatively small rise in CO2 levels was associated with substantial global warming 4.
You've recommended that liquids always be equilibrated to room temperature for best accuracy, but my procedures require that I pipette reagents, which are either just thawed from frozen storage or heated to a higher temperature than room temperature.
Plateau Pressure (PPLAT) is the pressure measured at the end of inspiration during an inflation hold during volume targeted ventilation or the pressure at the end of a fully equilibrated breath when pressure cycling is employed.
The specimens equilibrated in an uncontrolled office environment for several days.