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In order to determine the viscosity equilibration time in the shear-thickening region, aqueous 2.
Rather than focusing on the transitive versus the intransitive meaning of the verb to coordinate, I suggest that a much more useful distinction is the Hayekian focus on the equilibration process, versus the Schelling (and more generally, mainstream neoclassical) focus on the choice among potential equilibria.
During the period of final self-establishment, the equilibration of the radial cutting forces is violated and the behaviour of the block is changed.
Charge was measured by 2 independent methods based on a leaching and a batch equilibration technique described in more detail by Wong et al.
The moisture in shelf-stable sandwiches, a military ration item, can migrate from high-water activity (aw) fillings to lower-aw bread because of thermodynamic equilibration, which compromises textural quality.
Prosthetic restoration of edentulous patients must follow the recovery of dental arcades, functional almost partial mastication recovery, and why not aesthetic shape and form of teeth, occlusal equilibration, homeostasis of the prosthetic field.
A log-linear distribution of the hydrocarbon products was observed, consistent with equilibration within the hydrocarbon pool.
Effects of wind shadow in traditional horizontal airflow spiral ovens may be mitigated by the use of a temperature "equilibration" zone, but in the absence of sufficient zone separation, an equilibration zone offers no advantage, especially when fully loaded and deep in a cooking cycle.
Pre-Sanitized Sius(TM) TFF cassettes are installed and used in processing after equilibration with buffer.
Storage in sisal bags (25[degrees]C, RH 74%) which allowed equilibration of the temperature and relative humidity with that of the environment controlled HTC defect development more than other methods; pot (22[degrees]C, RH 93%) polypropylene bags (25.