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No longer should human relationships with nature be seen as a set of connections between two separate, self-sustaining realms, the first or natural one providing a stable, ahistorical, equilibrial foundation for the second, dynamically progressing, fully historical human one.
This paper therefore considers how the existence of thresholds in the laws of motion describing asset dynamics in multiple equilibrial systems might induce extraordinary risk taking by certain subpopulations among the poor and how risky behavior might vary according to latent ability endowments.
The dynamic model's predicted equilibrial levels of carbon and nitrogen can also be compared to levels observed in never-cultivated habitats at field margins to test the predictive ability of the model.
Early equilibrial theories invoked interspecific competition as the primary limiting factor on species richness within habitats (i.
Much less is known from observations of undisturbed or seminatural areas where communities are at equilibrial or quasiequilibrial states, because investigators are seldom in the fortunate position of being able to witness the generally rare and unpredictable process from the outset.
Observed rates of change, when compared with rates of environmental change and the frequency of major disturbance, suggest that equilibrial communities have rarely, if ever, been achieved during the Holocene.
Early ecologists described coral reef fish communities as stable, equilibrial assemblages structured primarily by competitive interactions (Odum and Odum 1955, Hiatt and Strasburg 1960, Smith and Tyler 1972, 1973, Smith 1975, 1978).
By contrast, workers are three times more closely related to female reproductives than to males, and thus should be favored to allocate more resources to females, with an equilibrial ratio of investment of 3:1.