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We may say, speaking somewhat roughly, that a stimulus applied to the nervous system, like a spark to dynamite, is able to take advantage of the stored energy in unstable equilibrium, and thus to produce movements out of proportion to the proximate cause.
It was necessary, by the way, for the doctor to know the weight of his companions, so as to fix the equilibrium of his balloon; so he made Dick get up on the platform of the scales.
A market in disequilibrium will have rising or falling rents, and a market in equilibrium will be characterized by stable rents.
Start within the curve at one point and call that point an equilibrium one.
Carey quoted "price" and "quantity" of the non equilibrium theory into the study of the optimal model of equilibrium with dual form.
This article contributes to the literature by examining the equilibrium effects of anticipatory regret under asymmetric information.
Equilibrium: For most instances of athletic performance, stable states of equilibrium are in demand.
Nash (1950c) provides an interpretation of equilibrium points that solves the decades-long debate about Cournot's dynamics with his rational interpretation: when players know the structure of the game, they can use the solution to predict the equilibrium.
In section three the regulated circular model is analysed in order to verify the equivalence of the games and concludes by seeking for the existence of Nash equilibrium in prices.
NYSE: MCO) has agreed to acquire Peru-based credit rating and research services provider Equilibrium, the company said on Thursday.
The competitive equilibrium allocations and prices satisfy different forms of solvable equations.
In The Concept of Equilibrium in Different Economic Traditions, Bert Tieben offers a full-length, extensive study of the concept of equilibrium that chronicles its four-century evolution from the prehistory of classical economics to the heyday of neoclassical economics and contemporary heterodox economics.