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Accurate free thyroxine (FT4) quantitation in human serum by combined equilibrium dialysis and direct mass spectrometry measurement.
1] Nonstandard abbreviations: UF, ultrafiltration; EDIA, equilibrium dialysis immunoassay; UFMSMS, UF tandem mass spectrometry; FT4, free thyroxine; [FT.
a) Immunoassay system Principle Immulite 2500 1-Step chemiluminescent assay Advia Centaur 1-Step chemiluminescent assay TOSOH AIA 1800 1-Step fluoroimmunoassay Elecsys E170 1-Step (2-step incubation) Chemiluminescent assay Architect 2-Step chemiluminescent assay Beckman DXI 800 2-Step chemiluminescent assay Wallac Delfia 2-step assay Nichol FT4 Equilibrium dialysis Physical separation of free hormone, then immunoassay Immunoassay system TSH, mU/L FT4, pmol/L Immulite 2500 0.
Free thyroid hormones in serum by direct equilibrium dialysis and online solidphase extraction-liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.
New ultrafiltration method for free thyroxin compared with equilibrium dialysis in patients with thyroid dysfunction and nonthyroidal illness.
These investigators dissected one analog-based free T assay by measuring total T and free T by analog methods both in the retentate and dialysate fractions of serum after equilibrium dialysis.
In the first experiment, preparative equilibrium dialysis was applied to the normal adult male serum as described above (200 [micro]L retentate vs 2400 [micro]L dialysate).

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