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HORSE. Until a horse has attained the age of four years, he is called a colt. (q.v.) Russ. & Ry. 416. This word is sometimes used as a generic name for all animals of the horse kind. 3 Brev. 9. Vide Colt; Gender; and Yelv. 67, a.

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The owners of equines did not dare to inflict torture on their animals.
Verification means that Four Corners Equine Rescue meets the criteria of a true equine sanctuary/rescue and is providing humane and responsible care of the animals.
Durham Equine Practice A NORTH EAST veterinary practice is holding a client evening to celebrate its recent expansion.
The results of this study will contribute towards the climatographic and quantitative distribution of GIT parasitism in equine population of Metropolitan city, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
HORSE owners are being urged to take part in a national study into a debilitating equine disease by sharing vital information about their horses with scientists.
RiceBran Technologies (RBT) has signed a 10-year, exclusive supply and cooperation agreement with Kentucky Equine Research (KER), an international equine nutrition, research and consultation firm.
LAW firm Lodders has created a dedicated equine law team as part of the service it provides to both business and private individual equine clients.
MIDLAND firm Lodders has created a dedicated equine law team.
National Research Centre on Equine (NRCE) Hisar, Haryana was conferred Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR Institution Award' 2014 under the Small Institute category.
The wide-ranging equestrian performances were held alongside the Dubai International Horse Fair (DIHF) which offers the widest range of international equine products, services, equipment and technology for horse owners, breeders and equine professionals.
However, hundreds of diverse equine species were produced, allowing equines to be particular for definite tasks; light weight horses for riding and racing , miniature horses as pets, mules for pulling power and heavier breeds for farming.
MONEY from entry fees will be used to help finance the Irish Equine Centre from next month as part of a major overhaul of the way the laboratory is run.