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Find men you can trust, and the moment Fournier had crossed the bridge, burn, without pity, huts, equipages, caissons, carriages,--EVERYTHING
But the thing was done; I was now in the arms of my new spouse, who appeared still the same as before; great even to magnificence, and nothing less than #1000 a year could support the ordinary equipage he appeared in.
what little I had, this devil has made me run out in waiting on you and putting me into this equipage.
The porter at the palace was about to close the gates, but seeing such a handsome equipage he fancied that it was some visit of importance and the carriage was allowed to pass and to stop beneath the porch.
EC l'echelle mondiale, la compagnie aerienne emploie plus de 500 Tunisiens dans diverses specialites au sein du Groupe Emirates, dont plus de 200 en equipages de cabine.
La premiere phase sera dediee a la tenue et l'execution des differents briefings des equipages pour la finalisation des documents tactiques de l'exercice et aux entrainements a quai.
Pure Force Rescue have four Air Assets (helicopters), five Fire Operations Trucks of different capabilities, 5 Ambucycle (motorcycle ambulance), and a wide array of top of the line rescue equipages ranging from rescue Detection to Response and disaster assistance.
Il est a noter que cette 25 e edition a vu la participation de neuf equipages marocains dont quatre figurent dans le top 6.
Il s'est felicite a cet egard de la "tres bonne coordination et de l'echange d'informations entre les equipages des avions marocains et de leurs homologues iberiques".
Ainsi l'on rapporte qu'un cabinet repute de chasseur de tetes de Kyoto, specialise dans le recrutement des equipages pour le compte de grandes compagnies d'aviation asiatiques, considere qu'un equipage ideal doit comprendre 68% de personnes de groupe "A"(2).
Excerpts on stage and society manners and rules, Harrod's catalogues, picture exhibitions, magazines, equipages in parks, the Derby, gaieties of many kinds, balls and parties and the season, restaurants and food, West-End streets and stage-environs, convey 1895 London blooming in sudden flamboyance of taste and expression.
La compagnie a rappele que ces pannes son normales et les equipages de Tunisair et des autres transporteurs aeriens s'entrainent periodiquement en vue de leur gestion.